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Tipping Point: Lowering Your Facilities Risk Profile

Tipping Point: Lowering Your Facilities Risk Profile

Investments in the wrong facilities projects heighten all types of organizational risks. Health and safety risks because of unsafe spaces. Financial risks of throwing good money after bad. Existential risks of delivering diminished services to your core user community. Yet these risks are difficult to quantify and communicate, particularly to colleagues whose primary interest is return on investment.

Watch this thought-provoking webinar about strategies and tools for shifting your organizational mindset from focusing on return on investment to considering a different ROI: the risk of inaction. You’ll find out how to use data to tell a compelling story, make informed, decisive investment decisions and demonstrate the risks of making the wrong investments or no investments at all.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the factors contributing to the adversity facilities managers face in their efforts to lower and/or maintain the risk profile of their organization’s facilities profile.
  • Clarify the means of demonstrating need, quantifying facilities risks and making a compelling case to non-facilities professionals to shift their focus from return on investment to risk of inaction.
  • Learn how to collect data, prioritize investments and apply existing resources to mitigate risks and align your facility management with organizational priorities.


Gabby Rosas, Gordian
Gabby Rosas
Sales Engineer

Kevan Will, Gordian
Kevan Will
Area Manager, Planning Services

John Timmerman, Gordian
John Timmerman
Product Marketing Manager

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