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RSMeans Data Online: What You Need to Know for 2020

An American Institute of Architects panel of economic forecasters predicts that nonresidential construction spending will increase more than 2% in 2020. That’s millions more dollars spent in the market and millions more reasons facility owners, architects, contractors and estimators should turn to RSMeans Data Online for current and accurate construction costs. Many in the industry have already caught on to the estimating software’s robust tools and unmatched construction cost database. Here’s how the estimators, architects, owners/managers and contractors of North America used RSMeans Data Online in 2019:
RSMeans Data Online: What You Need to Know for 2020 1
The numbers speak for themselves. On an average day, subscribers used the estimating software to complete 50,000 searches and find over $1 billion in costs. These costs aren’t national averages, either. They’re localized to 970+ locations. 6,100 businesses of all sizes, representing 30 industries, used RSMeans Data Online in 2019. Federal, state and local government agencies trusted their projects to the estimating software as well.

There’s more to come for RSMeans Data Online in 2020. Our team of data scientists and construction cost researchers added 466 new line items, for a grand total of 92,235 construction costs. In total, our team made updates to 91% of line items so our subscribers can rest assured they have the most recent information on hand.

With construction spending climbing, we can’t wait to see what the construction industry does with RSMeans Data Online in 2020. Want to get in on the action? Find out more about our construction estimating software.


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