Making Construction Estimates Realistic to Market Conditions

Making Construction Estimates Realistic to Market Conditions

Estimating the cost of new construction and renovations has always been a challenge due to volatile material prices and the cyclical nature of the construction market. Historically, traditional cost forecasting has used internal data points only, neglecting external forces and complicating budgets and plans. Trending factors, such as labor availability, material pricing and owner roles all effect planning processes, and design teams must be flexible enough to respond to these outside forces. Watch this webinar to learn key strategies for adjusting estimates with real-world market conditions in mind.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss challenges faced within the construction industry when creating estimates and bid proposals.
  2. Identify strategies to adjust estimates to market conditions.
  3. Discuss how accurate and timely construction cost data can create efficiencies with estimating and supplement internal costs.


Chris Randall, Ridley Electric Company
Chris Randall
Chief Estimator & Project Manager
Ridley Electric Company