Gordian’s Facilities Planning Solutions

The tools and insights you need to strategically plan and manage your physical assets.
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Gordian’s extensive suite of facilities planning solutions gives you all the objective data, intuitive software and trusted expertise you need to strategically manage your building portfolio. Whether you need to build a data-supported budget, gain insight into the true conditions of your facilities or forecast maintenance needs, Gordian can help you take informed, decisive action to build a sustainable future.

Strategic Capital Planning


Strategic Capital Planning elevates the traditional Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) beyond a list of deficiencies. Gordian facilitates an ongoing partnership between Facilities and Financial leaders to find the right level of technical detail needed to create an actionable, long-term capital plan. This strengthens the business case for facilities reinvestment and aligns with goals, priorities and financial realities.

Return on Physical Assets (ROPA)


Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) provides the data, contextual understanding and strategic recommendations needed to steward your facilities most effectively. We partner with you to develop an analytical framework and dialogue with stakeholders that aligns space, capital and operational needs, helping ensure your facilities investments best serve your community.

VFA Capital Planning Software


The VFA Capital Planning Software platform helps facilities professionals objectively model multi-year capital plans to align real estate portfolio investments with their mission. By centralizing asset and facility information, VFA provides forecasting tools to effectively manage facility condition data and leverage that data to optimize budget decisions about maintenance and capital planning.

VFA Facility Condition Assessments


VFA Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) services allow you to quickly get the objective and defensible data you need to understand the current conditions of your facilities, so you can better prioritize facilities budgets and secure funding. VFA FCA is a cost-effective and accurate condition data collection solution to address specific business objectives while prioritizing high-value investments.



Kykloud is a surveying software application for mobile devices that collects and reports on facilities and asset condition data. This intuitive application can streamline your data collection process, build customizable survey forms and templates that meet your organization’s needs, and allows you to understand your data and run reports on your organization’s budget, cost and spend.

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