VFA Facility Condition Assessments

Professional Condition Assessments for Better Facility Capital Budgeting
Quickly get the accurate, objective and defensible data you need to understand current conditions, prioritize facility budgets and secure required funding using our facility condition assessment software.

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Assessment Offerings

Our full range of cost-effective and accurate condition data collection solutions help you address specific business objectives while prioritizing high-value investments.


  • Facility Condition Assessments

    A services team quickly gathers comprehensive data about the state of your building portfolio.

  • Systems Lifecycle Assessments

    Aggregate system-level information for deferred maintenance and capital renewal.

  • Statistical Modeling

    High-level insight into building conditions that enable you to better focus an assessment program.

  • Self-Service Assessments

    Our mobile solution for iPad and Android devices enables you to capture facility condition data cost-effectively.

Complementary Services

Our team can gather additional data during on-site condition assessments, providing a cost-effective way to include critical data into prioritization and funding decisions.

Green Building Assessments
Green Building Assessments

Evaluate the costs and benefits of sustainability programs in the context of broader capital needs.

Energy Assessments
Energy Assessments

Identify opportunities to save energy and reduce costs.

Non-Structural Seismic Assessments
Non-Structural Seismic Assessments

Identify non-structural components at risk.

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Leverage Industry-Standard Benchmarks

Our capital planning software helps you accurately benchmark your facilities using the Facility Condition Index (FCI). This industry-standard metric allows you to analyze the impact of investing in facility improvements.

Facility Condition Index (FCI)


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