Facilities Planning with Sightlines

Insights and analysis to shape facilities strategy

  • Use benchmarking to align strategies from the boardroom to the boiler room
  • Conduct a facilities assessment and capital plan
  • Forecast upcoming facilities needs
  • Empower your sustainability officer

Sightlines is a leader in helping colleges and universities better manage their facilities operations and capital investments. Sightlines provides tools for strategic planning, analyzing and benchmarking that generate an independent, reliable comparison of campus performance in these areas against peer institutions.

Using its unique, proprietary Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis process, Sightlines visits each campus annually to collect more than 200 indicators of facilities and financial data and then identifies trends and provides useful analysis and benchmarks. With Sightlines, institutions receive the context and validation they need to make sound, clear, informed and financially credible decisions about campus facilities. As a result, campuses can optimize capital investments, address backlog of deferred maintenance projects, develop a strategy to steward physical assets, improve the effectiveness of facility operations, reduce energy consumption and better serve students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Equipped with data from over 25,000 buildings from across the U.S. and Canada, we’ll help you plan, prioritize, and manage your campus’s physical assets to get the most mileage from your limited resources.

Benefit from the largest database in the industry.

Sightlines works with over 450 institutions in 41 States, the District of Columbia and Canada each year. We currently have the nation’s largest validated database of facilities metrics which enables us to lead our members through a unique process of discovery, prediction, and performance measurement.  Learn more about our complete line of facility asset management services:

Facilities Benchmarking and Analysis
Capital Planning
Space Management
Campus Sustainability

Who We Serve

Learn how to effectively mitigate facilities risk and shape facilities strategy at the board level. We work hand-in-hand with every type of higher education institution in the nation. From small to large, public to private, prestigious to new and innovative, we customize our data for all of our members to give you the most insightful picture of how to develop and manage your long-term strategic vision and facility requirements.

In todays’ environment, you are consistently asked to do more with less. We equip you with the tools you need, including an accurate, fact-based analysis of your facilities, to predict opportunities and track your progress over time so you can achieve your goals. Beyond benchmarking, Sightlines can also help in measuring your campus carbon footprint, facilities assessments and a detailed campus investment strategies.

E&I Cooperative Services Makes Gordian and Sightlines Solutions Available to Members

Gordian, the leading provider of data, software and expertise for all stages of the construction lifecycle, announced today an agreement with E&I Cooperative Services, the not-for-profit member-owned buying cooperative serving the educational community and related institutions.