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Don’t Miss a Beat in the Busy Summer Construction Season

Peak Construction Season: Get More Work Done, Faster

As a facility or infrastructure owner, preparing for peak construction seasons can be challenging. But Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) solutions are proven to help you overcome common obstacles to get more work done, in less time, with a lot less hassle. Watch this short video to see how.

Navigating the Busy Summer Construction Season 1
Navigating the Busy Summer Construction Season 2

4 Items to Check Off Your Summer Construction To-Do List

Facilities teams, pressed to complete construction projects in a season of longer days and higher temperatures, work a little harder each summer. To help these teams make the most of the busy season, we put together a brief collection of items you can check off your summer construction to-do lists before construction starts.

6 Ways to Start Prepping for Summer Construction Projects Now

A lot of work goes into making a summer construction project successful, long before the first crew shows up. Here are some actions facilities leaders should take now and considerations they need to make today to ensure their summer projects succeed.

Navigating the Busy Summer Construction Season 3
Navigating the Busy Summer Construction Season 4

When Is Job Order Contracting the Perfect Fit for a Project?

Job Order Contracting can be an effective project delivery method, but it’s not right for every project type. So we put together a list of the types of construction projects that JOC has been proven to streamline processes and save time.

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