Schools Tackle Summer Maintenance with Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Schools Tackle Summer Maintenance with Job Order Contracting (JOC)


The Parma City School district needed to complete a series of money-saving projects fast. Four of its 14 schools were in need of maintenance to receive long-term warranties and prolong the lives of crucial parts of the structure. These projects had to be completed during the summer break; there was no way to execute them around a working school full of students, faculty and staff.

The time crunch meant the district could not send projects out for bid in the traditional way. By the time contractors could get on the ground, class would be back in session. To get the project started quickly and finished in time for the school year, Parma City Schools turned to Job Order Contracting (JOC) from Gordian.




JOC is an alternative procurement method that puts qualified contractors in place fast for a variety of projects using a single, competitively awarded contract. Used for repairs, renovations and simple construction, JOC’s one-bid process streamlines procurement because project owners do not have to bid projects separately. JOC solutions, such as ezIQC®, are also available through cooperative purchasing networks. The Parma City School district utilized JOC by accessing ezIQC through local cooperative Sourcewell and awarded the contract to West Roofing Systems. A purchase order for $230,750 was issued on May 31, 2018 and on July 5 work began.



Three schools–Pleasant Valley Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Valley Forge High School —all required the same treatment. They were inspected and pressure-washed before receiving two coatings of silicone. A fourth school, John Muir Elementary, had a different project scope: They needed a new roof installed. West Roofing Systems installed a new SPF roof that equaled 1.5” in thickness, then was finished with three layers of top coating. In addition to the new SPF installation, the building had gutters, flashing and sheet metal removed and replaced.

West Roofing Systems wrapped up the job on August 14, well in time for the school year, and 20-year contractor’s warranties were issued for all four buildings.