Healthcare Industry

Your Rx for a streamlined, transparent construction process

Completing any kind of construction project in a hospital, or any kind of healthcare setting, can be a very challenging undertaking. We know and understand these challenges and we’ve helped healthcare facilities work around budgets, patients, safety regulations and timelines to initiate vital construction work. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are constantly in need of updating and because there’s no room for downtime, getting the work done in an efficient and timely manner can be a very complex undertaking. From waiting rooms to patient room remodels, nurse stations to recovery and rehab units, plus medical office buildings and ambulatory care facilities, we help alleviate the frustration with facilities construction projects with our controlled and precise process designed for facilities managers, owners and contractors alike.

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Solutions for Healthcare

With our Job Order Contracting solutions, you’ll be able to complete a large number of construction projects with a single, competitively bid contract based on a set of customized, pre-priced construction tasks, including items critical to hospital and healthcare procedures, such as Infection Control Risk Assessment and Life Safety issues. Our Job Order Contracting programs will help you eliminate the time, expense and administrative burden of completing the normal design-bid-construct cycle for each project, and will deliver quality construction faster and more cost effectively with complete transparency. Instead of coping with construction delays, frustrated project managers and upset doctors and patients, administrators use our Job Order Contracting solutions to complete repair and alteration projects in a timely, productive manner.

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Being prepared with the right data can help you make the best construction decision for your healthcare facilities. With RSMeans data, we give you access to a comprehensive and precise collection of labor, material and equipment data and associated costs that’s also easy to understand. Plus, when you use our solution, you’ll gain access to costs for your city and 900 hundred others across the U.S. and Canada, along with a wide range of other key information, including productivity rates, crew composition, and contractor's overhead and profit rates. With RSMeans data, you’ll have information for over 20 estimating data sets in Online, CD, book and eBook formats at your fingertips.

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Our Maintenance, Repair & Operations solution helps hospitals, healthcare facilities and institutions keep up with regular maintenance and repairs and equipment upkeep. Without proper budgeting, routine facility tasks fall behind, resulting in even more expensive repairs. Our tool allows you to prioritize and schedule maintenance and repairs, budget for them, control costs, procure a contractor, and begin work in a quick and timely manner.

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The best-laid plans often encounter unexpected issues and challenges. Change orders can account for millions of dollars and can result in delays, disputes, cost increases and other unexpected expenses. With the right solution, you can alleviate the stress that comes with managing capital projects. Gordian's Change Order Management solution helps hospitals, healthcare facilities and institutions set expectations upfront to avoid having to negotiate when something changes on the project.

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Job Order Contracting for Healthcare

Start work faster with Job Order Contracting

When it comes to updating patient suites, upgrading surgical facilities, completing electrical updates or making security enhancements, get work started faster with Job Order Contracting. Read this eBook to learn more.

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Vizient ACP Program

Accelerated Construction Procurement

This program brings efficiency and transparency to repair, maintenance and new construction projects for Vizient members through Gordian's Job Order Contracting process. View the short video and get started today.

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