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Your Summer Strategy: How to Plan and Prioritize Education Facility Upkeep

Your Summer Strategy: How to Plan and Prioritize Education Facility Upkeep

Education facility managers face a unique set of challenges: maintain facilities, tackle new construction, stay informed of technology updates and complete outstanding renovations. On top of this, much of the work has to take place in the short window of summer when students and staff won’t be disturbed. This webinar will discuss the struggles of those in the educational facilities and infrastructure space today, and present how to tackle these issues with strategic approaches that have been successful for school districts and campuses of all sizes. Be ready to face the busy summer construction season with proactive tools to help effectively budget, control costs, and begin construction work quickly.

Viewers will learn:

  • What are the biggest challenges faced by education facility managers today and how do those struggles affect construction schedules
  • How can education facilities make the best use of the summer construction season to accomplish more projects
  • How accuracy in project costs can help prioritize projects and conquer the growing list of needs in a timely manner
  • The importance of accurate and appropriate construction data for planning and procurement of construction projects


  • Jay Pearlman, Associate Vice President, Sightlines
  • David Rasberry, Solutions Engineer, Gordian
  • Robert Blanchard, Director of Buildings & Grounds, Hackensack Board of Education

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