Town of Greece Streetlights Installation

Town of Greece Streetlights Installation


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At the request of its residents, the Town of Greece in Monroe County, New York considered installing street lighting on a mile-long stretch of residential road. Town leaders were all for the idea, as the street had never been lit before. There was just one problem: The road was already under construction. With milling and re-paving work well underway and sidewalks being added to the street, town decision-makers feared that completing the lighting request through a traditional bid process would significantly delay completion of the road construction.

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The town ultimately decided on ezIQC©, a form of Job Order Contracting available through cooperative purchasing networks, to proceed with the streetlights project. ezIQC helped Greece expedite the procurement process and allowed the town to maintain its original road construction schedule.


Accessing Job Order Contracting saved the town time and money by streamlining the procurement process. The contractor the town of Greece chose coordinated with other construction crews working simultaneously to drive efficiency. The work consisted of directional drilling, burying conduit, erecting light poles and installing LED fixtures, and it all ran smoothly alongside the original project.

Town Supervisor William D. Reilich commented on the process. “If we had to go through the normal public bidding process, this would not have been possible, and our residents would have had their street torn up for an additional eight months or more. Because of ezIQC, we were able to add the installation of our streetlights to our project and still complete all work in one construction season, a win-win for our residents.”