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Top 7 Blog Posts of 2017

Throughout 2017, we have built a library of resources covering relevant construction and facility management topics, including industry best practices, success stories and solutions for common challenges and concerns. As we kick off the New Year, the valuable information provided in these blog posts is worth revisiting.

We’ve divided our blog posts into various market sectors and topics. Let’s count down the top seven posts of 2017:

7 Federal Market Blog Post7. Our top post for the Federal market: The Role of Accurate Cost Data in the Nation’s Natural Disaster Recovery

Earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and wildfires wreaked havoc on the United States in 2017, causing millions of dollars in damages throughout the nation. While we are still recovering from these disasters, FEMA and local governments rely on accurate cost data throughout the rebuilding efforts. This short read by our own Lisa Cooley explains the importance of dependable cost data for accurately estimating federal relief funds.

6 Education Market Blog Post

6. Our top post for the Education market: Better Light, Better Schools

Stemming from a feature by Gordian’s Dave Velarde in the March issue of School Planning and Management, this popular blog post highlights the advantages of daylighting in schools and universities. Discover effective daylighting techniques and how students and facilities benefit from this growing trend.

5 Healthcare Market Blog Post5. Our top post for the Healthcare market: In Brief: Four Construction Trends and How They Affect the Healthcare Market

Rising healthcare construction is expected to persist through 2020 as patient delivery methods evolve, the population ages and technology rapidly advances. Our industry expert, Douglas Gayden, breaks down four key trends affecting construction throughout healthcare and provides best practices for reaping the benefits and avoiding pitfalls.

4 Job Order Contracting Blog Post4. Our top post on construction procurement: In Brief: Streamlined, Efficient Construction Contracts

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a proven alternative to traditional project delivery methods. Dave Rasberry’s article in the June issue of Business Officer Magazine included testimonials from higher education institutions that have implemented successful JOC programs. Read about their best practices for adopting this alternative procurement method.

3 Scope Creep Blog Post3. Our top post on ensuring project success: 5 Tips to Avoid Scope Creep

When a construction project expands beyond the originally planned work, the swelling of the scope often feels like the breaking of a dam. Our industry experts know the dreaded “scope creep” well and have shared some best practices to help keep projects on time and on budget.

2 Contractor Perspective Blog Post2. Our top post on overcoming industry challenges: Finding Qualified Labor – A Contractor’s Perspective

Despite demand, there is a shortage of skilled labor that is projected to continue to plague the construction industry into this next year. We sat down with three contractors back in February of 2017 about the impacts they’re feeling as a result of this shortage. This quick read will explain contractors’ perspective of this challenge and the solutions to help combat the labor shortage.

1 RSMeans data from Gordian Blog Post1. Our top post on construction cost data: Minimize the Risk of Cost Overruns with Accurate Cost Data

Those involved in the beginning stages of a construction project must fulfill many responsibilities to minimize the risk of a cost overrun, but with accurate, regionally aligned construction cost data, their efforts will be kept on track throughout the rest of the construction process. Learn how RSMeans data from Gordian proves to be invaluable to avoid expensive real-world setbacks throughout the project.

Thank you for taking another look at our most popular blog posts this past year. In 2018, we will continue to cultivate and share more resources that help motivate, inspire and aid in successful construction and facility management projects.