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The New Way FCA: More Than Just A Project List

The New Way FCA: More Than Just A Project List

Higher education facilities run out of available funding long before they run out of capital needs. That’s just a given. Even though this scenario is common, it doesn’t make the decision to fund or defer a project any easier— every choice seems like the wrong one. So, what do you do?

Learn how leaders from two universities took a new approach to the traditional facilities condition assessment (FCA) and used what they discovered to effectively communicate needs, define investment priorities and create sustainable capital plans. Find out how the “new way FCA” helps institutions set a course for future facilities investments and ensure resources are channeled to the higher priorities.


Jack Baker, University of Maryland
Jack Baker
Executive Director of Operations & Maintenance
University of Maryland

Bart Salmon, Rice University
Bart Salmon
Assistant Vice President of Facilities
Rice University

Erica Barbuto, Sightlines, a Gordian company
Erica Barbuto
Account Manager
Sightlines, a Gordian company

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