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Hawaii School Leverages Job Order Contracting to Revamp Cafeteria Quickly

Challenge: A Long List of Repairs

S.W. King Intermediate School had a laundry list of issues to tackle in their cafeteria, which serves as the main gathering space for students during their days on the campus. Much of the list revolved around a consistent water leak, though it also included replacing worn equipment and features around the cafeteria’s exterior. In all, S.W. King wanted to replace roofing systems that had been previously installed on top of each other, replace the old roof drainage system, add safety anchors and a new top coat to the roof, replace the rusted roof hatch and repair the exterior windows. They also wanted the work to be completed over their short spring break.

Solution: Accelerating Construction with Job Order Contracting

Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) officials turned to their new Job Order Contracting (JOC) program and one of their three awarded roofing contractors, Leeward Roofing & General Contracting. Job Order Contracting  dramatically reduces the construction procurement timeline by putting one competitively-bid contract in place for multiple projects, making it an easy choice for this time-sensitive project. The JOC process provides project owners with immediate access to qualified, awarded contractors, allowing work to begin much faster than traditional delivery methods. Without project designs for this extensive repair, Leeward Roofing & General Contracting relied on the collaborative nature of the Joint Scope Meeting in order to ensure the work would bring the roof up to code.

Hawaii School Leverages Job Order Contracting to Revamp Cafeteria Quickly 1
Photo credit: Hawaii Department of Education

Result: A Safe Space for Student Gatherings

The Scope of Work included removing two existing roofing systems and insulation, modifications of the existing scupper and drainage system, raising roof equipment to meet codes, adding safety anchor systems, replacing the roof hatch, reconstructing of the roof slope and the addition of a new modified bitumen roofing system with tapered insulation and accessories. Through coordination with all project stakeholders, Leeward Roofing was able to mobilize within four days of purchase order issuance and complete the roof demolition during the school’s spring break.

S.W. King utilized Job Order Contracting to complete procurement and construction of the new cafeteria roof in under two and a half months.

The JOC process allowed the contractor to address unforeseen conditions without stopping the work in progress. From the time the JOC contracts were awarded, the total construction procurement timeframe was less than two and half months. The cafeteria is now watertight and safe for school maintenance crews to climb. Any additional efforts to repair or beautify the interior will no longer be affected days or weeks later due to water leaks. The students can continue to enjoy their social and meal times feeling safe and secure with a new roof that is as pristine as the landscape surrounding the campus.