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Stemming the Rising Tide of Federal Project Overruns

Stemming the Rising Tide of Federal Project Overruns

Rising costs and effective resource management continue to challenge and impact government construction projects in terms of budget, schedule and overall ability to plan for growth. With over $1.6 billion lost to unforeseen expenditures between 2010 and 2016 alone, Federal government agencies are seeking data-driven methodologies for improving cost estimating to address growing issues of workforce allocation, prioritization and budgeting. By using these advancements to inform and predict project budgets before they break ground, Federal practitioners can be better equipped to stay focused on agency mission and maximize limited funding. View this webcast as industry and government experts explore:

  • How agencies can better estimate their construction projects leveraging industry expertise and innovation
  • Which new construction technologies, such as cloud computing and AI, drive more accuracy and consistency in project workflow development
  • How reliable, accurate and timely cost data is the underpinning to effective cost estimating


Dr. Timothy Persons, Government Accountability Office
Dr. Timothy Persons
Chief Scientist and Managing Director, Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics Team
Government Accountability Office

Brig. Gen. Joseph Schroedel, SAME
Brig. Gen. Joseph Schroedel
Executive Director

Lisa Cooley, Gordian
Lisa Cooley
VP, Federal Solutions

Emily Wolfteich, Government Business Council
Emily Wolfteich
Research Analyst
Government Business Council

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