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Shrinking Budgets, Growing Needs

Lower budgets have become a reality for many in the public and private sectors. Local and state government agencies, school districts, universities, hospitals and others have struggled with trying to accomplish as much as possible with fewer financial resources. Making sure that you’re using the most efficient methods possible is one way to stretch dollars without sacrificing quality.

Take a look at your construction procurement methods to make sure you are using the right tool for the job. Not all projects are created equal, and the methods used to procure the construction work similarly change with the need. Your construction toolbox can contain several procurement methods, depending on the scope and breadth of the work to be done and what is available to you.

Job Order Contracting is ideal for repairs, renovations, upgrades and straightforward new construction. This might be making sure all restrooms comply with the latest ADA regulations, or changing all the doors and windows on a campus to be more secure. JOC has also been used on energy efficiency retrofits, paving projects, classroom and office remodels and more.

Here’s what you’ll achieve by adding Job Order Contracting to your procurement toolbox:

  • Access to experience and expertise that can
    protect the owner and contractor’s best interests
  • Project cost reduction due to savings from bidding,
    negotiating, value engineering, reduced change orders,
  • Reduction in time, and elimination of unnecessary scope and cost
  • High quality workmanship from JOC contractors
  • An accelerated construction schedule
  • Budgetary control

Having the right tools available to you can make all the difference when it comes to meeting your budget while accomplishing your construction needs. Job Order Contracting is a great addition to your toolbox, and allows you to quickly and effectively complete repair, renovation and straightforward construction projects while maintaining financial control.