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Looking Ahead: Predictive Costs for Federal Construction

Looking Ahead: Predictive Costs for Federal Construction

Federal owners have long faced challenges with accurately estimating projects, relying on professionals to predict the cost of work multiple months or years in the future. That is where predictive cost data can help.

Predictive cost data takes advantage of advances in machine learning, data mining and parametric modeling to enable cost engineers and project managers to prepare more accurate predictive cost estimates at every stage of the project lifecycle, up to three years in the future with a high degree of accuracy.

With this powerful new tool, Federal practitioners can transcend the limitation of inflationary index assumptions and no longer need to plan tomorrow’s projects with yesterday’s data.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why traditional estimating methods regularly contribute to inaccurate construction budgets.
  • How predictive cost data will change the future of estimating, value engineering and capital planning.
  • How predictive cost data can generate budgetary construction costs for planning and programming up to three years in the future, within 3% percent of real market conditions.
  • When to leverage predictive cost data to provide defensible budgets.
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