Keys to a Successful JOC Program

Job Order Contracting (JOC) was invented in 1981 to provide a more efficient procurement process for repair and alteration projects. Since then, JOC has grown in use and today more than $1.4 billion in construction is completed annually with JOC. How can you make sure that your JOC program is being run as effectively as possible?

Here are the keys to a successful JOC program:

  •  Good open communication among all parties, supported by software and data
  •  Detailed catalog of construction tasks, designed for procurement purposes
  •  Prices paid to the Contractor must be fixed according to the catalog of construction tasks.
  •  A non-adversarial environment
  •  Initial training of all parties and ongoing software, technical, and administrative support
  •  Capacity for additional support in the form of scope development and job order review procurement
  • purposes
  •  Complete and comprehensive scopes of work
  •  Job order review to ensure accuracy and transparency
  •  Strict adherence to the contract documents
  •  Achieving due dates to keep the process moving
  •  Regular reporting on program achievement to the governing body