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Job Order Contracting Best Practices: A Quality JOC Education

Job Order Contracting Best Practices: A Quality JOC Education

For any team implementing a Job Order Contracting (JOC) program, a JOC education is key to program success. The main goal of this training, the goal of a JOC education, is to make sure everyone knows each step in the process and understands their individual roles. Specifically, all parties involved in the process should be trained regarding documented program procedures and the use of program management software.

Delivering a quality JOC education for internal stakeholders is necessary for running a best-in-class program. But it’s not the only requirement. Visit our Job Order Contracting Best Practices page to find practical advice for building relationships with your contractor community, project selection and much more.

JOC Education and Training

Gordian provides on-site and virtual JOC education and training to owners and contractors. These sessions typically include reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract, discussing the importance of the Unit Price Book, training in preparing accurate price proposals, using Gordian’s Job Order Contracting software and other execution procedures to help make projects run smoothly. This comprehensive JOC education is second-to-none in the construction industry.

Continuing Your Team’s JOC Education

Gordian recommends testing knowledge and conducting situational JOC education reviews to confirm procedures are being followed. Refresher training courses should be provided as needed. It is a best practice to hold regular meetings to discuss issues that may arise or have arisen, and the solutions that will resolve those issues. Keeping your team current on best practices and reinforcing their original JOC education will keep your program healthy.

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