Job Order Contracting Best Practices: Creating a Detailed Scope of Work 

 Job Order Contracting Best Practices: Creating a Detailed Scope of Work 

The Importance of a Detailed Scope of Work

A contractor’s price proposal for a Job Order Contracting (JOC) construction project is based on the scope of work, so it is important that the scope be comprehensive and accurate. If the scope is vague or incomplete, a contractor may perform unnecessary tasks or complete work that does not meet the owner’s satisfaction.

But project owners may not have a construction background and, therefore, may not be sure what details a contractor needs to see in a scope of work. That’s where Gordian and an awarded contractor can help.

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Developing a Collaborative Detailed Scope of Work

Working as a team, the awarded JOC contractor and the project owner’s Gordian representative get a clear idea of what the owner is trying to accomplish, even if every little detail is not ironed out. During this collaborative conversation, the project team gathers all necessary information and finishes with a brief scope of work. The contractor can then build a Detailed Scope of Work from the brief scope of work. The Detailed Scope of Work will be clear about the materials and equipment used, including types and quantities, and the means by which work will be completed. There may even be opportunities for the contractor to develop value-engineering options that save the owner money and/or time.

Goals of a Detailed Scope of Work

Every Detailed Scope of Work should be created with a few goals in mind:

  • Accurately detailing the work the contractor will perform.
  • Receiving a more complete and more accurate price proposal.
  • Decreasing the effort required to prepare and review the price proposal.
  • Decreasing confusion and problems during progress inspections.

The Gordian Difference

With a Gordian JOC program, scoping projects is a team sport. Gordian can aid in developing the scope of work for a Job Order Contracting project and review the contractor’s price proposal to make sure it includes every task necessary to complete the project. This ensures contractors’ proposals are accurate and that owners’ goals are met.

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