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Job Order Contracting (JOC): Accelerating Projects That Matter

Job Order Contracting (JOC): Accelerating Projects That Matter

If you’re a procurement professional trying to hire contractors for your organization’s routine maintenance, renovations, repairs and simple construction projects, then you have your work cut out for you. Projects need to be approved, funded and advertised. Then there’s negotiations over price and project scope. That’s a lot of time and effort for a simple construction job.

And the work doesn’t end once the project starts. You’re also on the hook to track every dime you spend to maximize available funding and protect yourself and your organization from an audit. ​

That’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of information to keep track of.

That’s why Gordian offers Job Order Contracting – or JOC​ – to empower you to purchase construction services efficiently, start projects faster and get the best value for every dollar you spend.

Gordian’s JOC solutions enable you to complete many construction projects through one competitively-awarded contract. This proven single-solicitation process accelerates project delivery while satisfying local bidding requirements.

How Job Order Contracting Accelerates Projects That Matter

First, Gordian’s cost engineers develop a unit price book, called a Construction Task Catalog®, or CTC for short. The CTC contains more than 275,000 construction Tasks, tailored specifically to your needs and for your location for maximum accuracy. These detailed, preset prices ensure you pay for only what you need and get exactly what you want. When it comes to accuracy and transparency, no other project delivery method comes close.

Job Order Contracting (JOC): Accelerating Projects That Matter 1

Since any successful Job Order Contract depends on the participation of an informed contracting community, Gordian makes it a priority to help you reach out to local contractors, so they understand everything they need to know about JOC, including how to bid and how this unique contract creates the potential for a steady stream of work. ​Contractors will bid on your CTC one time, instead of bidding each construction project as it’s identified. This is a major time savings for all parties.

A study sponsored by Gordian and NIGP found that while construction procurement via traditional project delivery methods like Design-Bid, Design-Bid-Build and Construction Manager At-Risk can take 12 weeks or more. On the other hand, the Job Order Contracting process takes fewer than nine weeks in most cases. With less time spent in the procurement process, owners can get more projects done.

Once bids are collected and contracts are awarded, you have contractors at the ready to respond to your needs.

See what else researchers discovered about Job Order Contracting, including their insights about transaction costs of implementation and demand on procurement team bandwidth. Download the full report today.

The Proven and Streamlined Job Order Contracting Process

Each Gordian JOC project follows a proven process, beginning with a Joint Scope Meeting at the jobsite to make sure the scope of work is clearly defined and agreed-upon by everyone.

After the Joint Scope Meeting, the awarded contractor builds a price proposal using your custom CTC, eliminating price negotiations. Before the proposal reaches you, your Gordian rep checks to make sure it contains every task necessary to complete your project and nothing more. ​This review saves an average of 6% in construction costs.

Once you approve a price proposal, Gordian’s collaborative, purpose-built software lets you set milestones to keep your project on track and gives you an auditable, electronic record of every dollar you spend.

With 30+ years of implementing and supporting JOC contracts under our belts and $3.2 billion in construction volume completed every year, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a program successful. Check out our Job Order Contracting Best Practices page to see how you can run a best-in-class program and accelerate the projects that matter most to you and your community.

Job Order Contracting the Gordian Way

With a Gordian JOC program, you have access to contractors motivated to take on projects of all sizes and scopes, ​preset costs built for your program, ​intuitive program management software and the assistance of a Gordian specialist to make sure your proposals are accurate, and your projects go smoothly.

That’s why, today, hundreds of organizations trust Gordian’s Job Order Contracting to accelerate the projects that matter.

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Gordian is the leading provider of Building Intelligence™ Solutions, delivering unrivaled insights, robust technology and expert services to fuel customers’ success through all phases of the building lifecycle. Gordian created Job Order Contracting (JOC) and the industry-standard RSMeans Data. We empower organizations to optimize capital investments, improve project performance and minimize long-term operating expenses.

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