Grow Your Construction Business with Gordian Job Order Contracting

Grow Your Construction Business with Gordian Job Order Contracting

Across North America, construction contractors build and maintain the critical facilities and infrastructure communities rely on. They repair potholes so commuters can drive to work without worrying about getting a flat tire. They outfit schools with the latest instructional technology so children have every opportunity to learn. They help to keep our halls of government open so citizens receive the services they need.

The public sector depends on thriving construction companies, but construction is a competitive industry. Projects are difficult to win. Community needs and expectations change at a moment’s notice. Working relationships sour quickly.

Contractors and construction company owners can set themselves up for success by participating in a Gordian Job Order Contracting (JOC) program. This collection of helpful resources explains how this proven project delivery method can help you grow your construction business.

Topics include:

  • How a Gordian JOC program creates the potential for you to do a steady stream of construction work
  • Bringing JOC projects to their successful completion by collaborating with owners and Gordian
  • Stories from contractors that have used Gordian’s JOC to hire more people, do more projects and expand their construction businesses