Federal Construction Life Cycle Resource Hub

Federal Construction Life Cycle Resource Hub

Federal facilities are aging and underfunded. The median age of the 130,000 federally owned and operated buildings across the nation is 60 years, while an estimated 45,000 of those buildings are underutilized and in need of updates. And, even with a landmark infrastructure bill recently signed, the backlog is expected to keep growing.

Several factors have converged to create the current backlog of maintenance needs in federal spaces. At the most basic level, the federal portfolio is enormous, so identifying – let alone addressing – all of the needs within it is a daunting task. Additionally, federal construction and repair work tends to cost 20% more than private work, while the procurement process moves considerably slower. In short, there are many opportunities for improvement in the federal building life cycle.

We’ve compiled a suite of resources that examine those areas of opportunity and offer suggestions for potential improvements, including:

  • An industry issue brief, produced in partnership with Government Business Council
  • A webinar with experts from across the federal building life cycle
  • Infographics depicting the challenges federal facilities are facing
  • Articles that examine the current state of federal procurement and maintenance

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