Facilities Stewardship Series Resource Hub

Facilities Stewardship Series Resource Hub

Senior business leaders have long understood the significant financial scope associated with the physical campus. Yet the last several years have amplified the impact that those facilities and facilities leadership can have on the student and faculty experience, research and revenue. Light has been shed on how space, capital and operating decisions are critical to the campus’s capacity to serve its mission and business imperatives that are evolving dramatically.

As assumptions about the future continue to be challenged and unanticipated business circumstances emerge, new ways of measuring and analyzing the impact of facilities demands will be necessary as campuses transition to meet pedagogical, technological, social and experiential evolutions.

The “Facilities Stewardship Series,” a webcast presented in partnership with NACUBO, engaged active campus leaders to share their insights on tools and techniques they are using to understand, reimagine and reinvest in the physical campus for the greatest ROI and the most beneficial outcomes for the communities they serve.

Watch every episode of the series and access other insightful content, including this year’s “State of Facilities in Higher Education” report, to learn strategies for positioning your campus for long-term success.

Resource List:

  • “Facilities Stewardship Series” Episode One: Integrating Campus Mission, Capital Strategy, and Space Optimization
  • “Facilities Stewardship Series” Episode Two: Social Equity, Culture and Campus Investment
  • “Facilities Stewardship Series” Episode Three: The 2023 State of Facilities in Higher Education
  • “Facilities Stewardship Series” Episode Four: The Debt Burden of Deferred Capital Renewal in an Inflationary Environment
  • An overview of the series’ top insights
  • A downloadable copy of the latest “State of Facilities in Higher Education” report