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Expedite Construction Procurement with Chicago Public Schools

Developed in coordination with Chicago Public Schools, Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) offers a single-bid process that delivers a fast, flexible and cost-effective way for schools in the district to purchase critical construction services. Have a project that’s ready to get started?

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An Efficient Construction Procurement Solution for CPS

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) contracted with Gordian in 2004 to develop and implement a Job Order Contracting program to support the Capital Improvement Program. Since 2004, CPS has procured over $467 million with JOC.

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Connect with one of our JOC team experts who can guide you through the bidding process, job order process, proposal review process and answer any other questions you may have relating to working with JOC at CPS.

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Gordian has experience helping construction contractors grow their businesses and form collaborative, long-lasting relationships with project owners. Get more info about how a JOC program can help you succeed.

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