County Board Utilizes ezIQC® to Become EPA Compliant

County Board Utilizes ezIQC® to Become EPA Compliant


The Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities in Wilmington, Ohio needed to replace an on-site sewage treatment plant that was no longer EPA compliant. The treatment plant was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a Nike missile installation in the 1950s. The facility was overdue for replacement, and the Ohio EPA cited the Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities for noncompliance. Hoping to avoid financial penalty, the Board accessed Gordian’s ezIQC® solution through Sourcewell to get the job done.


The aggressive timeline made ezIQC attractive. Available through cooperative purchasing networks, ezIQC gives multiple agencies access to the same Job Order Contracting (JOC) program. Buying through a co-op gives project owners and facility managers access to qualified contractors at volume discounts. Additionally, Unit Prices are preset, so high emergency rates are not a concern.

As is often the case with ezIQC and JOC, the project became a collaborative exercise. The designer, McDaniels Construction Corp., Inc., Gordian representatives and the equipment supplier worked together to finish the project on time. Thanks to a strong working relationship,  McDaniels Construction Corp., Inc. built a new sewage treatment system next to the old one. The contractor installed several hundred feet of piping, large concrete tanks and pits and basins delivered by semi-truck. After the new plant was complete, McDaniels removed pumps, piping, pits and sand filters from the old, non-compliant plant and then demolished it. The area was covered with fresh dirt and grass was planted on all disturbed areas.


Thanks to the fast work of McDaniels Construction Corp., Inc., the Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities now has a modern, reliable sewage treatment facility. Not only did the Board avoid a large fine, but also the local environment has been impacted positively since the output is now compliant with the Ohio EPA guidelines.

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