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Control the Impacts of Change Orders

Change orders affect construction projects of all sizes, and can feel like they are a way of life in construction. Change orders occur for a number of reasons, some of which are controllable, and others are completely out of the project managers’ hands.
Change orders often occur during the course of a project due to:

  • Facility owners changing their mind about products, equipment and finishes
  • Unforeseen conditions that are discovered
  • Work being added or deleted from the original Detailed Scope of Work

While change orders may seem like part of the regular construction process, their impact is felt in a couple of ways. The extended negotiation of pricing change orders can cause delays and push the project timeline back. The costs associated with those delays can significantly impact project budgets. In fact, facility owners have at times knowingly overpaid to keep the project on schedule.
What can be done to help control the cost and time delays associated with change orders? View our recent webinar, “Change Orders: Reduce Their Impact With a Streamlined Approach” to learn how to help control costs and the impacts of change orders.