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Award Winning Job Order Contracting Project Case Studies

The Harry H. Mellon Job Order Contracting Awards recognizes outstanding principles and best practices while identifying unique and innovative ways of using the Job Order Contracting construction procurement method to complete facility and infrastructure projects. This annual award honors those involved in the process, including facility owners, managers, contractors, and Job Order Contracting consultants who achieved their repair, renovation and alteration goals with exceptional results.
Named for the creator of Job Order Contracting, the Harry H. Mellon Award of Excellence in Job Order Contracting if the industry’s highest honor. Project submissions are evaluated by a panel comprised of Job Order Contracting experts and past award winners and judged on the following criteria:

  • Job Order Contracting Principles: Does the project reflect repair, renovation, alternation or minor new construction work based on pre-priced construction tasks and specs
  • Innovativeness:Does the project reflect a unique use of Job Order Contracting?
  • Scope of Work:What is the scope of the project? Are there any complexities or project attributes that make it stand out?
  • Special Circumstances: Did the project solve a unique problem?
  • Savings: Does the project save the owner time and money?
Click here to read the project case studies honored in The 2016 Harry H. Mellon Awards.

Award Winning Job Order Contracting Project Case Studies 1