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A Look Behind the Curtain: How RSMeans data is Sourced and Engineered

A Look Behind the Curtain: How RSMeans data is Sourced and Engineered

Over its 80-year history, RSMeans data from Gordian has grown from one man’s handwritten ledger into the modern construction industry’s standard for material, equipment and labor costs. With over 90,000 line items in its database, it’s understandable that RSMeans data would appeal to a wide range of engineers, architects, estimators, contractors and facility owners.

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But that’s a lot of data to gather, update and organize each year. Who’s doing all of that work? And can a database that large really be reliable? Join three key players from Gordian as they give us a detailed look into how RSMeans data is built in an attempt to answer these questions.

Join this session to learn:

  • How and from where RSMeans data sources its raw data.
  • How raw data is transformed into cost data and localized to nearly 1,000 local markets.
  • Who is sourcing and engineering RSMeans data.
  • What accuracy standards RSMeans data places on its cost data before publishing it.


Noam Reininger, Gordian
Noam Reininger
Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Federal Solutions

Tim Duggan, Gordian
Tim Duggan
Vice President of Data and Analytics

Bob Mewis, Gordian
Bob Mewis
Principal Engineer

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