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A City & Town Conversation: Adaptable and Evolving Facilities

A City & Town Conversation: Adaptable and Evolving Facilities

The past year has brought previously unthinkable challenges to cities and towns across the world. Shutdowns in workplaces, transportation and public spaces for nearly 16 months have altered the ways municipalities seek to protect and provide for their citizens. In that sense, the past year has provided opportunities for local government leaders to incorporate innovative technologies and sustainable methods to aid in keeping their citizens healthy and safe.

In this on demand webinar, Gordian’s John Timmerman, Grayson Briggs and Erika Dominguez discuss how they are seeing cities and towns move toward data-driven and technology-assisted methodologies to adapt their infrastructure and better serve their communities.


Grayson Briggs, Gordian
Grayson Briggs
Sales Director, SLED East

Erika Dominguez, Gordian
Erika Dominguez
Senior Account Manager

John Timmerman, Gordian
John Timmerman
Product Marketing Manager

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