5 Benefits of Using RSMeans Data to Create Accurate Estimates

Accuracy is everything in the construction estimating game. No estimate is going to be 100% on point, but estimators and other contractors must be as precise as possible. Plainly put, inaccuracy is bad for business. Overestimate costs, and they might miss out on jobs. Underestimate costs, and they risk profiting less or – in extreme cases – losing money. The detriments of inaccuracy extend beyond individual projects. Any preconstruction professional who develops a reputation for building inaccurate estimates may find themselves out of business. The stakes are that high.

That’s why estimators need to invest in reliable construction costs. Gordian’s RSMeans Data is the most trusted construction cost database in North America. In terms of depth and accuracy, it has no rival. But accuracy isn’t the only reason using RSMeans Data is considered a best practice for engineers, estimators, contractors, architects and other construction professionals. This infographic explores five benefits of using RSMeans Data to create accurate construction estimates, including input from users who rely on the database every day.

5 Benefits of Using RSMeans data to Create Accurate Estimates Infographic

With more than 91,000 line items researched and verified by our team of engineers and data experts, localized costs for close to 1,000 locations and the ability to estimate at different levels of detail, it’s no wonder using RSMeans Data is a widely-accepted estimating best practice. Available via books or a secure, cloud-based software platform, these accurate costs can be the difference between winning jobs and losing them, or turning a healthy profit and barely squeaking by. In a volatile and competitive construction market, using RSMeans Data to create accurate estimates is a smart business strategy.

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Gordian is the leader in facility and construction cost data, software and services for all phases of the building lifecycle. A pioneer of Job Order Contracting, Gordian’s solutions also include proprietary RSMeans data construction costs and Facility Intelligence Solutions. From planning to design, to procurement, construction and operations, Gordian’s solutions help clients maximize efficiency, optimize cost savings and increase building quality.