4 Insights from the 2022 PDC Summit

Last month, Gordian attended ASHE’s 2022 PDC Summit, an event where healthcare facilities managers from across the country came together for a few days of learning and networking in New Orleans. Five members of Gordian’s healthcare team made the trip down to find what’s on the industry’s mind, hear attendees’ facilities management and optimization challenges, and show them how Gordian’s healthcare solutions can help them successfully budget, build and maintain capital-intensive physical assets. Here are some of our takeaways from the 2022 PDC Summit.

Preparation is a Priority

We heard some variation of this sentiment several times: “How many of you two years ago would’ve had a pandemic at the top of your list on things to prepare for? How many of you have it up there now?”

Many speakers discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the healthcare industry’s approach to planning. The emphasis now is on proactive preparation instead of reactive response. This is a seismic change.

Healthcare facilities managers often feel like they’re trying to maintain a damaged ship. They are so busy patching holes in the sails and fixing leaky floorboards they have no time to think about what would happen if the ship were to collide with an iceberg.

It seemed that nearly all 2022 PDC Summit presentations urged the audience to begin preparing for the challenges of 2025. Obviously, patient needs were at the forefront of these discussions, but speakers also encouraged the audience to consider how they can tie environmental sustainability into their plans.

As resource scarcity continues to loom large, healthcare facilities managers are going to have to develop forward-looking plans for maintaining facilities for years to come.

Need help implementing sustainability standards? Check out our eBook about LEED building design and construction guidelines.

Healthcare is Going Green

Kara Brooks, ASHE Senior Associate Director of Sustainability, and Mark Howell, AHA Senior Associate Director of Standards and Drug Policy, gave a great presentation on decarbonization. It’s a pressing topic.

The healthcare industry accounts for about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., and environmental sustainability and decarbonization of healthcare facilities are at the forefront of the national climate conversation. With legislation looming, decarbonization isn’t a problem to prepare for in 2030, but for facilities managers to start working on now. Climate change isn’t a problem that’s going to go away, and the National Academy of Medicine has made it a priority to decarbonize the U.S. healthcare sector.

Even before legislation begins to roll out, healthcare facilities managers are discussing how to rack up easy and early wins in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovation is on the Rise

Many of the people at the 2022 PDC Summit hadn’t seen each other in two years. In that time, the sharps minds in the R&D rooms across the industry have been busy developing product innovations, and they were out in full force, showing off their latest upgrades. We saw new solutions to wire management, piping, HVAC, green solutions, lighting, water management and even new ideas for hospital lobby chairs. If you’re on the fence about attending a show this year, we recommend going to see what solution providers have been cooking up over the past two years.

There’s Nothing Like Being Together

To borrow a line from Mark Kenneday, ASHE past president and Gordian’s Director of Market Strategy and Development for Healthcare, the best part of the 2022 PDC Summit was being together in person again. After a two-year hiatus it was great to shake hands and say hello to old friends without needing a stable internet connection. While we couldn’t see everyone we wanted to see due to travel restrictions, we were glad to see those we were able to see. It was comforting to feel that things were back to normal for a few days.

The 2022 PDC Summit brought a combination of fellowship, education, innovation and joy. It was a great opportunity for the healthcare industry to reconnect and collectively set a course for the future.

About Drew Flesch, Marketing Specialist, Healthcare

Drew Flesch has been with Gordian for three years. He began his career promoting RSMeans data from Gordian as the Retail Marketing Specialist. Now the Healthcare Marketing Specialist, Drew creates targeted campaigns and works alongside the sales team to provide support and help the team reach its goals