2019 Construction Data Trends Webinar

2019 Construction Data Trends Webinar

“Data fluency” is a term that gets tossed around frequently in relation to the tech industry. The truth is, the availability of data is changing every industry, including construction. This webinar features expert insights into how data is shaping the future of construction.

Expect to learn about integrated data, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things and how data can improve planning and operations in 2019 and beyond.


Josh Cheney, Autodesk
Josh Cheney
Industry Manager, Construction Technology

J Bowen, Fluke Corporation - Industrial Group
J Bowen
Strategic Marketing & Business Development
Fluke Corporation - Industrial Group

Noam Reininger, Gordian
Noam Reininger
Chief Data & Product Officer

Tim Duggan, Gordian
Tim Duggan
VP Data Operations & Analytics