Job Order Contracting Federal

An innovative support system for Federal Job Order Contracts.

  • Leverages procurement-specific version of our RSMeans data
  • Technology controls automatically validate pricing
  • Fosters owner-contractor collaboration
  • Option to integrate dynamic local Davis-Bacon wage rate
  • Supports the Federal Independent Government Estimate (IGE) process

The Gordian Job Order Contracting Federal solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of Federal and DOD agencies implementing and managing IDIQ contracting programs like Job Order Contracting (JOC), SATOC or SABER.

This collaborative system supports Federal engineering, estimating, project management and contracting users with a procurement-specific version of our industry-standard RSMeans data. This unique data set, available only from Gordian, has been enhanced and expanded by RSMeans data engineers to provide more precise pricing and cost control.

The data is accessible through our web-based software platform and provides tools for core estimating, proposal creation, task order development and contract and program management with reporting.

This unique combination of data and software is delivered with critical support activities like training and system setup to leverage Federal owner resources and skills, empowering critical support activities like acquisition advisement, training, and system configuration.

Job Order Contracting Federal provides an innovative solution to manage efficient, audit-worthy Job Order Contracting programs and address common IDIQ challenges.

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Product Highlights

Job Order Contracting Federal includes several exclusive features that provide fairer, more accurate pricing of task orders, make Federal government staffs more efficient and support contractors undertaking and managing alternative procurement programs.
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