Job Order Contracting Federal

Efficiently Implement and Manage Your IDIQ Program

Efficiently Implement and Manage Your IDIQ Program
Gordian Knot

Alternative project delivery designed for
civilian, defense and intel construction.

Maximize Your Resources. Complete Projects on Time. Stay in Budget.

Born in NATO and perfected for the DOD, JOC Federal is ideal for expediting the award of minor construction, maintenance and repair projects. When a project requires minimum design work and acquisition lead time, JOC Federal can help. Once a contract is awarded and a project is identified, a standard process follows.

Work Requirement

Identify and document initial scope of work

Job Scope Meeting

All those involved will meet to discuss the scope of work and any design components

and IGE Preparation

After an RFP is issued, the contractor prepares a detailed Price Proposal

Review Proposal

After an IGE is prepared, it is reviewed against the Price Proposal. Any documention needed for negotiations is prepared at this time.

Negotiation and Revisions

Task Order is issued

Make the Most of Your IDIQ Program

SATOC, SABER and Line Item Contracts all derived from Job Order Contracting.
We can help you execute your IDIQ program more efficiently, saving you admin time and costs.

JOC Federal Software

Manage Your Program Seamlessly

Manage your JOC Federal program with a powerful and secure role-based software application created by industry engineers, consultants, analysts, construction managers and facility experts. This fully automated system makes maximizing the value of your IDIQ contracting program easier than ever and is designed to support the IGE process. And just as your work continues to evolve, we constantly improve and enhance our software.

USAF uses SABER – a form of Job Order Contracting – to sample and test soil for contaminants.

Job Order Contracting

Industry-Leading Expertise

Gordian is the forefront leader of JOC programming. Our experienced engineers, consultants and construction experts will ensure your JOC Federal program is implemented correctly. They’ll be present to assist with system setup, contractor pre-bid and post-bid training and other critical steps such as acquisition advisement.

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