Access ezIQC® in North Carolina

Expedite construction procurement through cooperative purchasing networks

ezIQC is available in North Carolina via cooperative purchasing networks. ezIQC brings speed and efficiency to the construction procurement process by establishing local, competitively awarded prices upfront, eliminating the need to bid each project separately. Avoid the red tape of traditional procurement, issue POs in days and still satisfy your local competitive bidding requirements with ezIQC.

Contractor Listing

Contractor Contract #
Astra Construction Services, LLC NC03-121515-ACS & NC04-121515-ACS
Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc. NC03-121515-CCE
Facility Solutions NC02-121515-TFS
Integrity Builders LLC NC06-121515-IBL
JOC Construction, LLC NC01-121515-LRI & NC02-121515-LRI
Johnson-Laux Construction, LLC NC04-121515-JLC


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