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Assessments and Capital Planning

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Identify risks, generate strategy and communicate needs to make the most intelligent use of capital.

Fuel Smart Decisions With Accurate Facilities Data

Licensed engineers, architects and assessment professionals collect and assemble data to document facilities needs and deficiencies at the level of detail you require to have an objective view of your physical assets.

Assessments and Strategic Capital Planning 1
  • Facility Condition Assessment+

    You need project level detail to drive execution of work

  • Facility Condition Assessment

    You need building level detail to drive capital planning decision

  • Modeled Assessment

    You need to make fast, high level funding decisions across your portfolio

  • Self-Assessment

    You have a mature capital planning organization that needs access to modern assessment and capital planning software

Determine Where to Allocate Your Next Dollar

Form unique investment strategies and track performance metrics. Our propriety Building Portfolios process will help engage stakeholders in a conversation about facilities priorities and mission, and strategies for achieving them.

Assessments and Strategic Capital Planning 2
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Assessments and Strategic Capital Planning 3

Establish a baseline of facilities needs as a foundation for enterprise decisioning

Assessments and Strategic Capital Planning 4

Develop business cases for strategic facilities investments

Assessments and Strategic Capital Planning 5

Prioritize investment options by creating Building Portfolios

Assessments and Strategic Capital Planning 6

Establish functional multi-year capital plans to drive action

Client-specific Services

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