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RSMeans data from Gordian Powers Cost Map for Water Utilities, a New Solution from GISinc

December 8, 2017

Gordian has partnered with Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISinc) and Esri to bring RSMeans data directly into the ArcGIS Platform. Cost Map for Water Utilities is the first application to integrate Esri’s state of the art technology with Gordian’s industry leading RSMeans data, providing a quick and reliable construction cost estimation process.
Cost Map Platform from GISinc, Powered by RSMeans data from Gordian
Cost Map for Water Utilities enables users to:

  • Prioritize resources by estimating cost comparisons to complete now vs. in the future
  • Access dependable, local and up-to-date construction cost data through RSMeans data API
  • Regionalize construction labor costs for increased accuracy
  • Validate project estimates and compare against different vendors

“We are excited to partner with GISinc and Esri to bring RSMeans data from Gordian directly into their GIS system,” said Allan Bacon, Gordian Director New Business Development. “We’ve mapped our RSMeans data to ESRI’s Water Utility Data Model, so water utility users can easily select an area on their map to view accurate cost data for new projects or repairs.”

To learn more about Cost Map, please visit: https://www.gisinc.com/products-and-services/cost-map-water-utilities.