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eGordian® Offers Free Access to Most Accurate and Current Construction Prices

July 10, 2012

MAULDIN, S.C., July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/– The Gordian Group today unveiled eGordian®, the first online, current and free construction estimating tool for design, estimating and construction professionals. The website, www.eGordian.com, gives users access to the world’s largest database of construction prices and tasks tailored to hundreds of U.S. localities.

eGordian is accessible from any type of computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the Internet. Users can review local prices for the complete range of construction tasks and materials needed to repair and construct buildings, prepare building sites and complete infrastructure projects like storm sewers and roads. Literally hundreds of thousands of construction tasks and prices can be searched and reviewed.

Prices listed on eGordian are shown for hundreds of metropolitan markets and rural areas around the United States and are updated continually. In addition, it lists the composition of construction crews, the tools and equipment needed for specific jobs and local production rates.

“eGordian has greatly improved the development of estimates,” said H. Sandy Walker, licensed engineer with Engineering Services Div. of Fort Riley, Kan. “Furthermore, I now have the flexibility to customize my working environment to fit my preferences.”

The Gordian Group for more than 20 years has provided the most detailed and accurate construction data for professionals in the Job Order Contracting industry. Job Order Contracting is an expedited procurement system for repairs, alterations and new construction projects used by building and infrastructure owners such as local, state and federal governments, hospitals and major retailers and manufacturers. The company has amassed and maintains hundreds of thousands of highly detailed construction tasks with accurate labor, equipment, and materials pricing for hundreds of U.S. metropolitan and rural areas.

There is no need for users to register in order to search construction pricing on eGordian.com. Estimating tools do require simple registration so that users can save their work. Registration also allows users to create and edit directory listings of their own firms so that other users can find them.

“The construction industry trails far behind others in utilizing technology to increase productivity,” said Robert Coffey, President and CEO of The Gordian Group. “The Internet drives productivity and efficiency in a host of industries from banking, to real estate, to entertainment. It’s time the construction industry did the same, and Gordian is the company with the vision, data and systems to get it there.”

Gordian will develop eGordian into a community-driven resource. Plans call for features that will let users provide feedback on various materials and suppliers, offer advice, share plans and designs, suggest industry methods and use additional tools developed through partnerships with other companies.

About The Gordian Group

The Gordian Group (www.TheGordianGroup.com) created eGordian, Job Order Contracting and a number of related construction-procurement systems. Gordian combines industry-leading expertise and technology with the world’s largest, locally priced construction task database for rapid deployment and long-term cost savings in the repair, maintenance and construction of buildings and infrastructure.