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Expedite Construction Procurement with OMES Statewide Convenience Contract SW0245

Developed in coordination with OMES, Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) offers a single-bid process that delivers a fast, flexible and cost-effective way for entities across the state of Oklahoma to purchase critical construction services.

An Efficient Construction Procurement Solution for Oklahoma

Divisions within the State of Oklahoma and other public entities in the state now have the ability to get repairs, renovations, upgrades, as well as straightforward new construction underway quickly, saving valuable time and money.

Contract Details: Access local contractors to get started on projects immediately with OMES Statewide Convenience Contract SW0245.


Local, Readily-Available Contractors

A Gordian Job Order Contracting program provides you with a pool of competent contractors, eager to take on projects of all sizes.

Gordian's Proven Job Order Contracting (JOC) Process

Job Order Contracting Process

Intro to JOC

Job Order Contracting 101

Job Order Contracting 101

New to JOC? This video series covers the basics, including how a JOC program works, how it compares to other project delivery methods and when it is most effective. Watch series.

Study Finds JOC Saves Time, Money

Study Finds JOC Saves Time, Money

Arizona State University researchers studied JOC programs and found they save owners 24% in administrative costs and offer a 65% decrease in overall service delivery time. Read study.

Special Collection of JOC Resources

Special Collection of JOC Resources

Gain a better understanding of how Gordian’s JOC solutions bring efficiency and transparency to the construction procurement process. Browse hub.

Flip the Cards for More Info About When to Use Job Order Contracting

Small- or Medium-Sized Projects


Projects that can be scoped, priced and completed quickly.

Time-Sensitive Projects and Emergency Work


Work that must be done immediately.



Complete backlogged projects or team JOC contractors with in-house staff.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)


Keep up with MRO requests like equipment and systems maintenance.

Projects with a Fixed Budget


Complete projects with a fixed budget, like a state or Federal grant.

Replacement-In-Kind Projects


Replacement of an item without needing to change design specs.


JOC is not the right delivery method for every project. Selecting the right construction work for JOC will help make your program a success. Read this blog post,"When is Job Order Contracting a Right Fit for Your Project," to learn more.

Why Gordian?

Unrivaled Experience

Gordian, founded by the creator of JOC, has been helping owners procure construction work since the 1980s. Today, procurement professionals trust Gordian with $3.2 billion in construction volume every year.

Unmatched Expertise

In a given year, 30,000+ construction projects are completed using Gordian JOC solutions. We’ve seen it all and we’ve put together JOC best practices to help our clients run a top-flight program.

Ready to Enter a Project?

For Contractors

Never Worked with OMES?

Never Worked with OMES?

Connect with one of our JOC team experts who can guide you through the bidding process, job order process, proposal review process and answer any other questions you may have relating to working with JOC at OMES. Meet your team.

New to Job Order Contracting?

New to Job Order Contracting?

Gordian has experience helping construction contractors grow their businesses and form collaborative, long-lasting relationships with project owners. Get more info about how a JOC program can help you succeed.


Gordian is the administrator of Oklahoma’s statewide JOC program. As a pioneer in Job Order Contracting (JOC), Gordian has implemented and supported hundreds of programs across the country, serving thousands of owners.

Job Order Contracting is a trusted method to manage maintenance and construction. It allows you to take advantage of volume discounts from contracts that have already been competitively awarded. With access to local contractors, you can trade the time and expense of traditional procurement for speed, efficiency and the power of group buying.

ezIQC is the brand name of Gordian’s statewide JOC program in Oklahoma. Whenever you see ezIQC, know it refers to the OMES statewide convenience contract SW0245. In general, ezIQC is the brand name for any of Gordian’s cooperative JOC services.

Any state agency or public entity in Oklahoma that can procure work through the Office of Managements & Enterprise Services can use Gordian’s JOC program. Even if this contract isn’t right for you, Gordian might be able to help you in your construction procurement needs.

Yes, when a project is ready, the following needs to be submitted to OMES:

  • Completed M701 form
  • Owner/Agency ends Gordian Work Order Package
  • Purchase order

You may also need to submit the following depending on the project:

  • General Contractor’s certificate of insurance
  • Bond document (for projects >$50K)
  • A stamped set of plans (for projects >$158K)

You can use Oklahoma’s state-wide JOC program for any work that doesn’t already have an IDIQ contract with OMES. OMES currently has IDIQ contracts for roofing, asphalt/paving, and abatement services.

Oklahoma has been split into 4 regions with different general contractors in each region. For any work, you can select from the contractors that have been awarded in your region.

The program does not have any impact or create change in the use of Professional Services. All requirements for architectural and engineering services remain the same.

The service is being offered by the State of Oklahoma to the public agencies in the state. Availability of the program is based on a competitive bid which was conducted by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES). OMES has operated similar IDIQ programs for Roofing, Pavement/Asphalt and Abatement for several years. All legal challenges have been successfully addressed.

The Oklahoma statutes provide clear direction as to what constitutes a legal competitive bid. Oklahoma’s Job Order Contracting program complies with all the requirements for a competitive bid under Oklahoma law.

The competitive bid for contractors has been closed and the terms of the contract are for two years initially followed by annual renewals for up to three more years. There will not be a rebid of the contract for at least two years and possibly up to five years.

In the event that demand for the program is higher than expected, OMES may elect to create a second program in addition to the first one, creating opportunities for contractors to submit proposals to be included on it.

Contractors can also work on the Oklahoma JOC program as subcontractors to the General Contractors who have been awarded.

Contract Title: Building & Infrastructure Repairs, Alterations & Restoration Service
Contract Number: SW0245

Billing Process:

  • Contractor sends Invoice(s) to the Agency.
  • Owner/Agency pays the Contractor.
  • Gordian Invoices the Contractor for OMES/Gordian Fees.
  • Gordian pays OMES on behalf of the Owner/Agency.
  • The Owner/Agency does not issue Purchase Orders or receive invoices from OMES.
  • The Agency only deals with one Supplier (The Contractor) and only processes one Invoice.
  • The Agency does not Contract with Gordian.

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