TAHFM Annual Conference
July 14, 2021 -
July 17, 2021

TAHFM Annual Conference

Generating support and funding for repairs and relief efforts is only one step on the way to total recovery after an emergency. Using facilities assessments to identify, manage and mitigate vulnerabilities is another step. Adding a nimble and responsive solution to the construction procurement toolbox is an effective and efficient way to shore up vulnerabilities and mitigate risk.

The traditional, time-consuming competitive bidding requirements can be bypassed for urgent products. But there’s a negative side to accelerating engagement with contractors and other service providers: An expedited response often comes with premium pricing. You meet needs faster, sure. You also sacrifice cost control. But unexpected projects and urgent repairs don’t have to have an emergency response price tag.

A data-driven construction procurement approach designed around value-based care, often called value-based construction, relies on firm, preset prices that are agreed upon at the beginning of the contract to guarantee transparency. Similar to job order contracting, this value-based solution is ideal for emergency work and responses to natural disasters because it enables qualified, readily available contractors to get started when a team needs to spring into action. In short, project owners get emergency response speed without an emergency response price tag, making this approach a powerful ally in navigating the construction procurement journey during crisis scenarios.

When disaster strikes, every second counts. It is imperative for facility and infrastructure owners and managers to employ responsive and reliable construction procurement strategies. Value-based construction enables work to begin immediately following an emergency situation without breaking the budget.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how to strengthen your emergency preparedness plan by incorporating value-based construction.
  • Gain insights to minimizing the financial impact of emergency work.
  • Describe how using a value-based construction approach can help restore business continuity quickly following an emergency.
Speaking Engagement
Title: 3-Step Prep for Mitigating Risk in the Wake of a Disaster
Room: Texas Ballroom G
Date: July 15, 2021
Time: 10:30 a.m. CT
Mark Kenneday, Gordian
Mark Kenneday
Director of Market Strategy and Development, Healthcare

July 14, 2021 - July 17, 2021
Omni Fort Worth Hotel
Fort Worth, Texas
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