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Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team

What Can You Expect From the Customer Engagement Team?

At the heart of our approach lies shared customer value. We deeply understand our clients’ needs, co-create tailored solutions, deliver personalized experiences, continuously improve our offerings and build long-term partnerships. Mutual growth and success is at the forefront of all we do.

What is a Program Insight Review (PIR)?

When working with our Customer Engagement Team, you’ll enjoy access to a custom PIR. The goal of our PIR report is to empower you with the knowledge to complete more projects on-time and within budget, while maximizing the value you capture from your program.

The PIR report offers an in-depth analysis and actionable insights into your current usage patterns, opportunities for optimization and strategies that will enhance your program. We believe that this report is instrumental in driving further success for your team.

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 1
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Who is Part of Our Customer Engagement Team?

Receive outstanding care and unrivaled insights from a handpicked team at Gordian. You’ll work with top leaders such as:

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 2

Matt Bauscher

Chief Customer Officer

[email protected]

As Chief Customer Officer, Matthew Bausher leads the teams responsible for customer experience, renewals and contract expansion, focusing on satisfying and providing additional value to Gordian’s clients. Matthew previously served Gordian as Vice President and General Manager of Higher Education and Planning Services. Through this and prior roles, he built 15+ years of experience delivering exceptional value and service within the company’s extensive suite of facilities planning solutions for all customers, while leading the strategy and direction for the Higher Education market. Matthew is a graduate of Dickinson College.

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 3

Scott Creekmore

VP, Customer Engagement

[email protected]

As Vice President of Customer Engagement, Scott Creekmore leads a dedicated team focused on nurturing and expanding Gordian’s procurement customer base. Scott’s multifaceted background at Gordian, blending operational and sales roles, equips him adeptly to collaborate across departments in fortifying client connections.

Before joining Gordian, Scott amassed over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, catering to private, government and healthcare sectors. He steered numerous substantial construction projects while holding leadership positions in various construction management firms, showcasing his prowess in delivering successful outcomes across diverse contexts.

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 4

Randy Jones

Customer Engagement Manager

[email protected]

Randy Jones currently serves as Customer Engagement Manager, covering the Central Sector (Southeast, Gulf Coast, Great Lakes, Mid Lakes and South-Central regions). Within his capacity, he provides clients with guidance, conducts thorough examinations and delivers actionable recommendations regarding their utilization patterns. His expertise extends to identifying areas ripe for optimization and crafting strategies aimed at bolstering JOC programs for enhanced effectiveness. Mr. Jones served as Regional Director of Operations for the South-Central region overseeing Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas where he spearheaded operational excellence and fostered business growth. With over 35 years of expertise in commercial construction, including 15 years dedicated to project management within the specialized realm of Job Order Contracting, Mr. Jones brings invaluable insight to his role.

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 5

Randy Horn

Customer Engagement Manager

[email protected]

Randy Horn has served in various capacities at Gordian during his 11 years including Operational Regional Director and Business Development Director for the Western Region. Currently, Mr. Horn is the Customer Engagement Executive for the Western Region where he provides clients with technical support, as well as in-depth analysis and actionable insights into current usage patterns, opportunities for optimization and strategies to enhance JOC programs. Mr. Horn has extensive experience with JOC clients for major cities, counties and universities such as: Los Angeles County, California State University System, County of Sacramento, City of Fresno and Riverside County. Randy has more than 18 years of management experience in the public sector, with a focus on project management, major capital programs and strategic growth.

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 6

Brianne VanderWoude

Customer Engagement Manager

[email protected]

Brianne serves as the Customer Engagement Manager for the East sector, dedicated to nurturing and enriching the bond between Gordian and its clientele. The primary aim is to elevate customer satisfaction, foster loyalty and cultivate advocacy, ultimately paving the way for potential expansion and growth opportunities.

Prior to her current role, Brianne excelled as an Enterprise Account Executive at Gordian for five years, specializing in JOC and ezIQC solutions across the Northeast territory. With a significant portion of her career focused on collaborating with the public sector, Brianne brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her current position.

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 7

Travis Leitko

Customer Engagement Manager

[email protected]

Travis Leitko serves as the Customer Engagement Manager, devising tailored strategies to strengthen JOC programs and boost their effectiveness while ensuring customers have the necessary resources, knowledge and tools they need for success. He began his journey at Gordian in February 2019 in the Sales Development Department. During his time there, Travis led developmental initiatives across the East Coast and Midwest, notably driving engagement of Active Dormant Clients. This effort reshaped the sales team’s approach, resulting in the transition to what is now the Business Development Department. In April 2023, Travis was named Team Lead for the BDR department, where he helped drive department-wide strategic initiatives and train new employees. Travis’s extensive experience in sales and business development has equipped him with a deep understanding of client needs, making him an invaluable asset in elevating the customer experience across Gordian’s offerings.

Welcome to Gordian’s Customer Engagement Team 8

Dean Jagger

Customer Engagement Manager

[email protected]

Dean Jagger is a seasoned Customer Engagement Manager at Gordian, with a rich history of dedication and success within the company. He began his journey at Gordian eight years ago as a Construction Account Manager, where his exceptional understanding of the construction industry and strong client relationship skills quickly set him apart. Over the years, Dean’s commitment to excellence and his ability to foster meaningful connections with clients propelled him to his current role. As a Customer Engagement Manager, Dean leverages his extensive experience to enhance client satisfaction and drive engagement strategies. Known for his strategic thinking, customer-centric approach and unwavering dedication, Dean continues to be a pivotal asset to Gordian’s growth and success.

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