Enterprise Construction Estimating Solution
for State and Local Government

Improve your estimating accuracy to minimize overall budgeting risk.

Gordian Knot

A combination of Gordian’s RSMeans data, RSMeans Data Online estimating software and expert guidance tailored for your agency.

Estimating Consultation and Training

Our team of estimating experts will:

  • Join you onsite to perform an assessment of current estimating procedures and practices.
  • Train your team on how to tailor our data to fit your specific agency’s needs for more accurate costs specific to your building.
  • Based on assessment and training, we will provide you a recommended best practice guide to improve your estimating processes moving forward.

All the Costs That Matter to You

Supplement and Validate Your Construction Costs with RSMeans data

  • Search or browse to quickly reference construction costs by project location and labor type.
  • Create, manage and share unit, assemblies, mixed or square foot estimates.
  • Export tailored PDFs or advanced Excel reports for integration in your existing workflow.

Software That Saves You Time

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to estimate construction and renovations with RSMeans Data Online.
  • RSMeans Data Online includes detailed cost estimates for over 92,000 unit prices and subassemblies with localized material and labor costs for new construction, maintenance and renovation projects.
  • Contains 140+ standard building model templates as a framework to tailor estimates to your specific needs.
  • Create reference links to custom data points (including labor rates, equipment costs, etc.) for quick access for future use.

RSMO sqft estimator SLED

Plan for the Future

RSMeans Data Online includes tools to help you plan for the long haul.

  • Estimate accurately up to three years in the future with predictive cost data.
  • Find annualized maintenance costs in the life cycle estimator and even plan maintenance schedules years in advance.

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Feel More Confident in Your Project Budgets

Stop stressing out about whether you’ve budgeted enough for your next project. Plan new capital projects with greater accuracy, maintain existing buildings with custom templates and saved estimates, and reduce waste with improved square foot to unit workflow. Contact us to learn more about our Enterprise Construction Estimating Solution for your Government Agency.