Facility Owners & Managers

Whether your project is still in the planning stages, ready to construct, or is in the operations stage of the construction lifecycle, we have solutions that meet the needs of facility owners and managers. Our data, software and services help you control costs, dodge delays, and manage streamlined processes with solutions that allow you to choose what works best for your business.Our tools help bring efficiency and control to complicated tasks, like forecasting for future plans, procuring quality construction work and tackling deferred maintenance. Our offerings rely on our database of equipment, labor and material costs, which contains RSMeans data, the most trusted source of construction cost estimating information for over 70 years. These solutions provide you with the tools, knowledge and services you need for your projects throughout all stages of the construction lifecycle.

On Time and Under Budget? It’s Possible

Diminishing construction and maintenance budgets, inaccurate project scopes and construction quality issues have been a resource drain on facilities owners and managers. How can facilities and maintenance managers deliver quality construction while minimizing risks in costs, time and quality expectations? This webinar walks through the results of a study conducted by Arizona State University’s Performance Based Studies Research Group on Job Order Contracting Performance.