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Top 10 JOC Best Practices for the Federal Space

Top 10 JOC Best Practices for the Federal Space

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a useful construction procurement tool for long-term and single-award contracts that drives productive collaboration between contractors and Federal owners. But like any tool, there are best practices for utilizing it. Following these best practices can free up your team, so they can turn their attention from documenting and bidding to project execution.

In this video series, Gordian’s VP of Federal Sales, Lisa Cooley, takes a deep dive into the JOC process from bid to build out to discuss best practices that have proven to bring greater efficiency to JOC projects and the nuances associated with Federal requirements.

This session is designed to provide experienced JOC users with specific ways to improve their Federal JOC program and can also help new JOC users begin their Federal programs on the right foot. Watch the full series or jump straight to the ones that pique your interested by clicking the links below.

Session Descriptions

  1. Invest in Adequate Acquisition Planning: Collaborate with expert groups to create a solid written acquisition plan to inform a best-in-class solicitation and Job Order Contracting program.
  2. Select the Appropriate Unit Price Book: The Unit Price Book serves as the backbone of your JOC program, so having a reliable one is key. Here are six key requirements a Unit Price Book should meet.
  3. Technology Enablement: The best JOC programs are those that leverage technology enablement to efficiently manage both the program workflows and the Unit Price Book.
  4. Process and Workflow Definition: Every JOC program needs clearly written procedures. Whether you leverage pre-established procedures or develop your own, using LEAN principles in your workflows will create better outcomes.
  5. Comprehensive Training and Contractor Outreach: Training and outreach aren’t one-and-done occurrences. They should be built into the regular rhythms of your JOC program.
  6. Consider Staff Requirements: JOC programs, like all programs, operate best when you have a diverse team of the right people with the right skills in the right places. Experience managing JOC programs should be included in that list of specialized skills.
  7. Best Value Source Selection: JOC programs, which use performance-based contracts, have been proven to yield the greatest cost savings when contractors are selected based on best value metrics rather than low bids.
  8. Implement Formal Partnering: Because they utilize long-term contracts, JOC programs benefit in powerful ways from trusting, formal partnerships with JOC experts.
  9. Identify KPIs for Continuous Improvement: Every organization should measure and track specific key performance indicators for their JOC program in order to constantly improve the program’s efficiency and alignment with organizational goals.
  10. Connect JOC to Facilities Ecosystem: No JOC program operates in a vacuum, and no project is disconnected from your ecosystem. So connecting your JOC program to your larger facilities strategy is vital.


Lisa Cooley, Gordian
Lisa Cooley
Vice President of Federal Sales

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