Q&A: How to Prepare Your Facilities for the Unexpected

In our recent webinar “How to Prepare Your Facilities for the Unexpected”, hosted in partnership with Campus Safety magazine, we explored a few best practices that can help you create action plans for the times you need them most.

How to Prepare Your Facilities for the Unexpected


Jeff Sutherland, Associate Managing Director of Engineering Services, Department of Operations at Texas Tech University
John Castillo, Account Manager at Gordian


Here are a few takeaways from the webinar’s Q&A session.

Q: How are preset prices established for emergency work or work that was not anticipated?
John: Contracts have already been competitively bid and awarded enabling contractors to respond quickly. With the Construction Task Catalog® they are preset prices. So as soon as an emergency occurs we can go to that catalog of preset prices and begin work immediately.

Q: What about existing contractors? Can people use them in an existing Job Order Contracting (JOC) program?
John: Yes and no. So it all depends on what contractors were actually rewarded during the bidding process. For instance a good example is Texas Tech University. They were familiar with all the local contractors, so Gordian reached out to those contractors to come in and submit a bid to get into the JOC program. Most contractors in certain areas will be a part of JOC. We do provide a list of all the contractors to the owners, so they are fully aware of what contractors are available for any type of construction renovation or emergency situations.

Q: What keeps the JOC contractors from taking more lucrative project work after a hurricane or another emergency instead of taking the work from a public agency for the preset JOC book charges?
Jeff: There’s nothing really that binds them to do our work, but we’ve built some good relationships with them and they want to keep our business. So ideally they would stay with us and complete our projects. That’s why we have five or seven contractors we use routinely, and actually right now at the beginning of our fiscal year they’re coming to us looking for work.

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