Professors Use RSMeans data in the College Classroom

The best way to learn a skill is to practice it — hence the familiar phrase, “practice makes perfect.” When it comes to construction cost estimating, the best way to learn the trade is to use real-world resources for real-life project scenarios. For the next generation of construction managers, architects, engineers and facility owners to accurately forecast and estimate project costs, today’s students need access to the best data and tools for the job and guidance for using those tools properly.

RSMeans Data Online is Professor-Approved

Construction cost data is used in a variety of collegiate classrooms for students seeking a number of different degrees, from construction management to architecture and more. At Florida International University (FIU), there are seven different courses between the graduate and undergraduate programs that utilize RSMeans data from Gordian. Students are introduced to RSMeans data construction costs at the end of Estimating I and the same costs are used in a variety of courses after that. Usually, there are around 40 students per classroom, with between 150-200 total RSMeans Data Online licenses in use at any given time.

Professor Ray Lemming teaches at the Illinois Institute of Technology and has used RSMeans data for over four decades. His extensive construction estimating experience and familiarity with the database informs his teaching methods. To keep up with the needs of his students and technology advancements, Ray partnered with RSMeans data to create the Student Edition of RSMeans Data Online. This allows his students to simulate real-world situations in the classroom with easy online access to the construction cost database.

Using the Best to be the Best: Construction Estimating Success Beyond the Classroom

The first construction “cost books” were created by a Civil Engineer named Robert Snow Means in the 1940s. That’s why RSMeans data is synonymous with detailed costs in the construction industry — R.S. Means literally wrote the book on construction costs. Since 2014, Gordian has continued to improve and enhance RSMeans data formatting and product capabilities.

Today, the database contains over 85,000 line items and cost engineers spend more than 22,000 hours researching and validating the costs every year. The cost information is still available in books but is also accessible via CD and dynamic estimating software, RSMeans Data Online.

By helping his students work their way through a full design, beginning to end and all details in between, Professor Lemming is setting his students up for success outside of the classroom. He’s seen many students accept jobs across the nation and the world, utilizing their knowledge of RSMeans data, an industry staple, to show just how ready they are for the job. Students walk away with a portfolio of example work to share with potential employers that shows their creative skillset and exemplifies their application of construction cost data to building designs.

Help Your Students Develop Construction Estimating Skills

Over 60 universities and colleges across the nation use RSMeans Data Online Student Edition as a critical part of their curriculum. With North America’s leading construction cost database and easy-to-use estimating software, students can better develop their skills.

With access to industry-leading cost data and estimating tools, students efficiently learn to:

  • Create conceptual and unit line item estimates using CSI MasterFormat
  • Set facilities maintenance and repair schedules with Uniformat
  • Plan preventive maintenance budgets with life cycle costing data
  • Prepare realistic production schedules
  • Understand regional variance in material costs and labor rates
  • Learn costs associated with green building and energy efficiency

It’s important to provide students with the same construction costs trusted by professional estimators, engineers, architects and contractors. RSMeans data is professor-approved to ensure the next generation of construction management and design professionals gain the knowledge to estimate project costs accurately and efficiently.

Bring the power of RSMeans data into your classroom with the Student Edition of RSMeans Data Online.