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Out of the Fire and Into the Future: Insights on Essential Planning Strategies Post-COVID

Out of the Fire and Into the Future: Insights on Essential Planning Strategies Post-COVID

Higher education, like the rest of the planet, dropped into crisis mode this Spring. Campus leaders spent the bulk of 2020 preparing for an academic year unlike any other before, and now their doors are open. But with so many people focused on the short-term effects of the pandemic, planners are struggling to engage their communities in meaningful conversations about the future.

The fear is that the many smaller short-term decisions being made could lead to unintended and undesirable long-term consequences, putting institution’s missions and future goals at risk. But crisis can also be a catalyst for unanticipated creative windows and outcomes. However; such breakthroughs can only be achieved with thoughtful planning.

This webinar will explore:

  • COVID-19 implications for the built environment.
  • Opportunities for planners that were previously unavailable but can now being considered as valid options.
  • How to seize the moment to address important issues like equity.
  • Tools for addressing strategic conversations amidst a sea of tactical conversations.


Mina Amundsen, Colby College
Mina Amundsen
Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Campus Planning
Colby College

Michael McCormick, University of Washington
Michael McCormick
Associate Vice President of Asset Management and University Architect
University of Washington

Pete Zuraw, Gordian
Pete Zuraw
Vice President of Market Strategy and Development

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