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On Time & Under Budget? It’s Possible.

On Time & Under Budget? It’s Possible.

Diminishing construction and maintenance budgets, inaccurate project scopes and construction quality issues have been a resource drain on facilities owners and managers. How can facilities and maintenance managers deliver quality construction while minimizing risks in costs, time and quality expectations?

This webinar will walk through the results of a study conducted by Arizona State University’s Performance Based Studies Research Group on Job Order Contracting Performance. The study includes perspectives of facility owners, construction companies, and others who found the Job Order Contracting construction procurement method to save time and money, increase project efficiency, and provide satisfaction in the end result.

Key Takeaways

  • Better understand the state of the current construction industry and major challenges faced in completing projects on time and within budget
  • Learn how the Job Order Contracting method satisfied those challenges for participants in the study
  • Understand when to use Job Order Contracting to prioritize and expedite the repair and maintenance needs of facilities and infrastructure


Glenn Hughes

Media Producer, Gordian

Jacob Kashiwagi, PhD

Assistant Research Professor, Arizona State University

Michael Jones

Vice President, Operations, Gordian

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