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Job Order Contracting for the Federal Government: JOC Federal Comprehensive Training

Job Order Contracting for the Federal Government: JOC Federal Comprehensive Training

This training series consists of three two-hour sessions exploring how the Job Order Contracting (JOC) process can be utilized in military and Federal spaces. Each session is led by Gordian experts with decades of experience implementing and managing JOC Federal and military programs.

Session One: JOC Federal 101

In this first session, our experts cover the basics of Job Order Contracting: what it is, how it works and how it can benefit your agency or branch. JOC 101 serves as a comprehensive introduction to Job Order Contracting for those who are less familiar with the process as well as a great way for experienced JOC users to build on existing knowledge.

Session Two: JOC Federal Best Practices

During this second session, our experts take a deep dive into the Job Order Contracting process from bid to build out by discussing best practices that have proven to bring greater efficiency to JOC projects. While this session provides experienced JOC users with specific ways to improve their JOC participation, it can also help new JOC users begin their programs on the right foot.

Session Three: JOC Federal Roundtable

For this last session, our experts host a roundtable discussion with Federal JOC users. Listen as they share lessons and insights from their work coordinating and using Job Order Contracting. Whether you want further examples of successful JOC projects or you are exploring JOC as a potential solution for your agency, our experts’ stories will be informative and enlightening.


Lisa Cooley, LEED AP, Gordian
Lisa Cooley, LEED AP
Vice President of Federal Solutions

Neil Tuck, Gordian
Neil Tuck
Federal JOC Operations Manager

Bruce Sarty, Gordian
Bruce Sarty
Principal JOC Estimator

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