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Game-Changing Construction Procurement Approach Comes to Canada

Game-Changing Construction Procurement Approach Comes to Canada

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a time-tested and immensely successful procurement approach that offers efficient project implementation, increased resource efficiency and stronger contractor relationships. After decades of success in the U.S., JOC is now being introduced to Gordian’s Canadian customers. This is a true inflection point. The expansion of JOC into Canada has the potential to revolutionize the country’s approach to construction project delivery.

We’re thrilled to offer you access to a recorded discussion among Canadian procurement leaders. Prepare to gain valuable insights and unlock a world of benefits as our expert panelists delve into the transformative power of Gordian’s JOC.

You’ll discover the numerous advantages JOC brings to procurement offices, facilities teams and communities. Plus you’ll hear about the types of projects that are best suited for JOC and uncover how it fosters enhanced owner and contractor relationships.

Watch the session on demand to find out how JOC can help you run better projects and deliver better outcomes for your community.


Maureen Sullivan, Canadian Public Procurement Expert
Maureen Sullivan
Author of "A Guide to Practical Procurement"
Canadian Public Procurement Expert

Raj Sheth, City of Mississauga
Raj Sheth
Director, Facilities & Property Management
City of Mississauga

Jonathan Burbee, Gordian
Jonathan Burbee
Director, Business Development

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